BLUE SKY SHEET Fitting Procedure

Box types (Populousfor passage cars)
@ Remove one-touch metallic clamp.
A Lift the lid and remove the air filter
B Fit the B.S.S into the intake side of the filter chamber not to block the intake.

Drum types (AutotruckEBusEForklift)
@Take off the Nut and a cover.
A Take off the Nut which is fixed to the filter and then pull out the air filter.
B Fit the B.S.S on the internal surface of the drum.

A yellow arrow is the direction in which intake air goes.
If fitted to the engine side, the B.S.S may be drawn into the engine, so the B.S.S should be fitted by an approved dealer. The air filter will be dirtier on the intake side. If you are not sure, consult your agent or an approved dealer before fitting.

The approved dealers are only in Japan.