The mechanics of the BLUE SKY SHEET
The BLUE SKY SHEET activates the air for combustion.   
                                        (B.S.S. is the abbreviation for the BLUE SKY SHEET.
・Oxygen is important to burn fuel.
・If oxygen is not enough, imperfect combustion will happen.If there is no oxygen, combustion never happens.
・Ability of cars is making remarkable progress; but there aren't many organizations which pay attention to the
 quality of the air for combustion.
We tried to change the quality of intake air. Almost complete combustion is made by fitting the B.S.S.
About air A little air is the key.
This picture expresses that....

Air is a compound of molecules.

The B.S.S makes a big air molecule group small.
An air molecule group become small and easy to combine with fuel.
Combustion is promoted and makes more power.
This result gives rise to the great benefits of clean exhaust, increased mileage and power.
The mechanism of how the B.S.S makes the molecule group of air small.

The intake air hit the B.S.S.
Far infrared rays are generated by vibration.

If far infrared rays occur.......
Far infrared rays gives energy to the molecule group in the air and the molecule start moving. The molecule becomes smaller and at the same time combines with fuel easily.
If the fuel is mixed easily.......

The combustion power increases causing of almost perfect combustion.
Original ability which engine has can be restored by increasing the combustion power.
Comfortable running with reduced accelerator use is caused by improved combustion.
Close to perfect combustion, it will create cleaner exhaust.